Sunday, 10 June 2012

My First try at Baking

Baking is something that always fascinated me but I could not bake as I did not have an oven in my kitchen. Few days back on our marriage anniversary my husband gifted me an oven (he does good things some times). Frankly speaking it was really sweet of him. This is something that I had always wanted and since our new oven got a place in my kitchen I have been doing a hell lot of baking, grilling etc etc... These days most of our dinners are baked :). I have been making full use of my oven and I am really really happy about it.

Cooking is an art but baking is definitely a science. In baking you have to add exact amounts of ingredients and at the right temperature. That is when all the ingredients start the chemical reactions like in a chemistry lab (i know i exaggerated it!!!) and you get a perfectly baked dish. If anything goes wrong between your quantity of ingredients, temperature of the oven and the ingredients as well and the time for which you are baking it your dish is surely going to find its way to the dustbin.

This particular chocolate cake is the first thing that I tried in my oven. It was more for testing purpose. I wanted to check whether my oven is working fine and what are the features that it has. So I bought cake mix and baked one delicious cake. The cake was very soft and moist.

- Cake Mix (1 packet - I used Pillsbury chocolate cake mix)
- Oil (1/2 cup)
- Eggs (2)
- Cashews (6-7)

- Mix oil and eggs together.
- Fold in the cake mix.
- Put batter in cake tin and add cashews on top.
- Preheat oven to 170 degrees Celcius for 10 mins.
- Bake the cake for 20 mins at 170 degrees celcius.

Your cake is ready.

This is my entry for :
Kid's Special at Tickling Palates and Zesty South Indian Kitchen's My favourite Cake recipe event


  1. Good job in trying out your new oven. Its always exciting to bake. Looking forward to see more recipes. Have fun. The cake looks great for a first one.

    1. Thanks Srimathi... have tried another cake... shall update recipe soon :)

  2. Anisha,

    Nice chocolate cake. It is always fun to bake in our home. Waiting for your next recipe.

    Thanks for linking to Favorite recipes event: Cakes

    1. Shall link some more recipes Swathi :) Thanks

  3. nice one... i remember u had once tried something looooooong ago at home.. remember the melted cadbury? this goes on to show how much u have progressed as a chef :)

    1. I had actually forgotten abt that.. you made me remember it... :) Let me tell you one thing that was surely a disaster bt that was much more fun than this... that seemed like an experiment :) and u were thr to say all the bad things you could :)

  4. Looks incredibly good...and for a first time attempt it is superb!!!

    1. Thanks Rosh.. I need some basic cookie recipes... the easy ones for a beginner... give me some links if you have any :)