Sunday, 1 April 2012

Easy Cheesy Pizza Without Oven

This is a recipe for pizza without an oven. It can be prepared on stove top in a jiffy. It takes very little time and is a hit snack item among kids as well as grown ups. :)


- Pizza Base (3 small ones/ one large)
- Tomato sauce (2 tbsp)
- Chilli Sauce (2 tbsp)
- Cheese (1 cube)
- Capsicum / Green bell pepper (1 chopped finely)
- Onion (1 chopped finely)
- Carrots (1 chopped finely)
- Corn Kernels ( 1/2 cup)
- Mozzarella cheese  / Any cheese of your choice( 1 cup grated)
- Butter (1 tbsp)

- Take a frying pan / tava and put some butter on it. Heat it.
- When the tava is hot enough put the pizza bases on it.
- After some time turn the pizza base to other side. When both sides are baked i.e brown in colour turn off the flame.
- Now take the pizza base and apply the tomato sauce and chilli sauce on it.
- Put some grated cheese .
- Now put chopped capsicum, onion, carrots, corn or any other veggies of your choice. You can even put chicken but make sure the chicken is cooked before it goes into your pizza.
- Now add some more grated cheese on top of the veggies.
- Put the pizza in microwave for a min on high so that the cheese melts and the veggies are cooked a bit. Veggies should be crispy that is not totally cooked. If you do not have a microwave put the pizza on a tava and cover it with lid. It will take 2-3 mins to be ready.
- Add some more cheese if you want, add chilli flakes and oregano flakes.

Enjoy your pizza.. :)

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  1. This is the first time I am at your space. You have a simple blog. I also like that you have posted a recipe for people who do not own an oven. There are people who still cook without an oven. Its simple and reminded me of the days when my cousin and I made our pizza this way.

    1. Thanks Srimathi... My Ma used to make pizza this way for us when we were young... :)

  2. Love this..first time at your blog..glad to follow you. Drop at my blog when you get time.

  3. Wow! Hard to believe that it is not baked! Looks great Anisha :)

  4. interesting one..looks yummy..nice cliks ...