Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Rosh Bora - The traditional bengali sweet

Bengalis are famous for their sweet tooth.For a bengali, sweets are a must in the platter.
Bengalis just love anything sweet, be it rosogolla, mishti doi, sandesh, payesh or simply any pithe.

Rosh bora is a bengali dessert which is not so famous outside bengal. But is indeed very famous in the bengali household. This is a particular dessert that you won't get in the sweet shops but is prepared at home very often.
It is very simple to make and is a bit crispy in nature.

Ingredients :
- Urad Dal (1 cup)
- Water (2 cups)
- Sugar (2 cups)
- Cardamom powder (1 tsp)
- Sunflower oil (2 cups)


- Soak the urad dal in water for 4-5 hours.
- Now strain the water and make a paste of the dal in the grinder with minimum water possible. You shall get a creamy paste.
- Take the paste in a bowl and beat it. This will give the bora a crispy texture when you fry it.
- Now lets make the sugar syrup. Take 2 cups water in a bowl and add 2 cups sugar to it.Let it boil on high flame.Dont make the sugar syrup too thick. Sugar syrup tends to become thicker as it cools.
- Take oil in a wok and heat it. Make balls of the dal paste and drop it into the oil for deep frying.
- When the bora (urad dal paste balls) turn golden brown take it out from the oil and put it in the sugar syrup.
- Let it cool in the syrup before you taste it or serve it.

So next time you are planning to make dessert try this unique and simple recipe. I am sure you will love it.

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